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Flat Creek Cemetery
Mortons Gap, Ky.
Flat Creek is one of the oldest cemeteries in Hopkins County, Kentucky. For some information on early graves there, see the history page. I've listed what I believe the tombstone says on the photos of stones that are difficult to read. Please email me if you have any questions, corrections, or find any dead links.

WOW! Don and Darlene Oliver, their family, and the crew working with them have done a fantastic job and made a lot of impovements. They had dirt hauled in to fill some of the sunken graves (but still need more)! Now they need some grass seed to plant on the new dirt. They cleared all the brush and overgrown areas and found some stones and unmarked graves where the brush and weeds had been. In September 2002 they had equipment brought in to set up some of the gigantic stones which had fallen. Take a look! [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]  [5]

You Can Help! They still need volunteers to help with mowing and trimming. Donations are needed to help cover the upkeep costs. If you have family at Flat Creek and can make a donation, make the check to Flat Creek Cemetery, and mail it to Donald & Darlene Oliver, 611 Sandcut Rd, Madisonville, KY 42431.
Do you know of someone buried at Flat Creek?
Some graves have no stones, or broken stones and we would like to find out who is buried in these graves. If you know of someone buried at Flat Creek or have any information about the cemetery or about the church that used to be on this site, please share the information with others. Thanks!

A • Earvy Almon
• Twin Infants Almon
• Hugh Dixon Almon • Katherine Almon
Curt P. Armstrong
• AB [footstone]
Charlie Bailey
Cordia Bailey
• Hansie Bailey
• J. W. Bailey
• James D. Bailey
• Robert Lee Bailey
• Zilpha Bailey
Bonell Bass
Robert "Boots" Bass
• Sarah Hall Bishop
William M. Bourland
Gonzella Bowman
Rev. Rufus C. Bowman
• America Brackett
• Lillian Brackett
• W. T. Brackett
• William Lee Brackett
Katherine Bradley
• Minervia Bradley
Hugh B. Brasfield
Maggie V. Brasfield
• William D. Braswell
Fred & Frances Browning
Leard & Henry Browning
Mary Browning
• Mary D. Browning
• Sallie Oldham Browning
• Susan Browning
• William Browning
Adeline K. Buckner
Joseph L. Buckner
Richard U. Buckner
Richard U. Buckner
William Bush
Cora H. Campbell
Frank, Eliza, & Matt Campbell
Jesse Campbell
Viola Campbell
W. F. Cardinell
Ora Carroll
• CGC [footstone]
Wanda F. Murphy Clark

Zura Claxton
• Clarence W. Courtney
• Dearrel W. Courtney
Mollie J. Cox
Aaron & Nancy Davis
• Bernie Davis
Casandrew Davis
D. D. Davis
Delina Davis
Dicy Davis
Eliza Jane Davis
• Eliza W. Davis
Elizabeth Davis
George & Minnie Davis
• H. Jack Davis
• Helen J. Davis
Helon K. Davis
Ida B. Davis
• Isreal Davis
Israel J. Davis
Jack Davis
James P. Davis
Jane C. Davis
• John P. Davis
• Mary E. Davis
• Ophelia Davis
R. R. Davis
• Robert D. Davis
Susan L. Davis
V. F. Davis
• W. M. Davis
W. W. Davis
• William Davis
William Davis
William W. Davis
• William P. Davis
Emmett Dillingham
Joe Ray Dillingham
Katherine Dillingham
Anna Dixon
Brinton Dixon
Harry Dixon
Hobert Dixon
J. W. & Fannie Dixon
R. L. & Dauson Dixon
Bertha Dobbins
• Fred W. Downey
Denny Ray Downs
• W. M. Dray

• Elder E. W. Earle
Minnie Edwards

Lillie Fenley
Earl Fleming
• W. H. Foley
• William W. Fowler
B. A., J. A., J. E., M. J. Fox
Ampls Franklin
Anderson Franklin
Cynthia Nell Franklin
J. D. & M. J. Franklin
• Jo Nell Franklin
Lelia Franklin
Logan & M. J. Franklin
• Malen E. Franklin
• Martha Franklin
Martha Lou Franklin
• Marvin Franklin
• Nancy H. Franklin
• Ophie Franklin
Paul Franklin
• Sallie Nesbit Franklin
• Sue Wayde Franklin
U. J. & Martha E. Franklin
Virginia Franklin
William Edgar Franklin
M. E. F. Fugait
• Elizbeth Fugate
• ? Fugate
H. H. Fugate
• Helen Fugate
• Infant Daughter Fugate
• James C. & Ruth A. Fugate
N. H. Fugate
Ruth Fugate
• W. L. Fugate
Hiram & Fannie Gaddis
• Amy Gamlin
Doss & Sarah Gatlin
Eddie Gatlin
Florella Gatlin
L. W. Gatlin
Pearl Gatlin
Polly Gatlin
William Gatlin
Anna Mae Gibson
Martha L. Graddy
• T. S. Graddy
Sallie Fry Graddy
W. C. Graddy
George W. Grady
Ida Grainger
• Ruby Grainger
• Pearl M. Haley
• Turner R. Haley
• Bartlett Henson Hall
Caleb Mastin Hall
Dixon Hall
Dixon Hall family
George Wesley Hall
• Helon Ada Morton Hall
• J. L. D. "Pete" Hall
Lenora Hall
Martha A. Hall
Nuna R. Hall
• Robert Mahlon Hall
• Sallie G. Brewster Hall
• Sarah Henson Hall
• Susan Asburreen Hall
• Talitha E. Lovan Hall
Thomas Freeland Hall
• William Henry Hall
Clarence Hamilton
Fannie Hamilton
Harry E. Hamilton
Martin A. Hamilton
Freeman D. Harris
Kineth F. Hawkins
Will M. & Amanda Hawkins
John Henry Heil
Sarah W. Henson
J. W. Hibbs
• Joseph Hibbs
• M. E. Hibbs
Mary Hibbs
• P. C. Hibbs
Travis N. Hill
Wanda S. Holt
• Amanda Howell
• Elvis Howell
Denzel Huddleston
Dude Huddleston
W. D. Hunter
Eva Jenkins
J. L., Ross, & J. E. Jennings
Rebecca F. Jennings
Dell Johnson
Helen N. Johnson
James Johnson
John Johnson
Laura Johnson
Lear Arnold Johnson
Luella Johnson
Elmer H. Jones
• Luravia Julien
• Rebbeca Julien
Sallie Mae Key
Alpheus Clay Kington
Elisha Herman Kington
• Flora Irene Kington
• J. H. Kington
Mary Jo Kington
• N. E. Kington
William Vergil Kington
Lilie Ann Laffoon
Nancy J A Laffoon
Richard Laffoon
Thomas Suntee Laffoon

Sarah E. Ligon
Gertrude Littlepage
Hawtincy Littlepage
Jordan Littlepage
Laura Littlepage
Mayme Gertrude Littlepage
Shoog Littlepage
Fairy E. Loney
Frank Ervin Long
Dellar Lovan
infant son Lovan
J. D. W. & Oellen Lovan
Bailus B. Loving
Mary A. Loving
Rev. P. S. & Eliza A. Loving
William P. Loving
Nancy McGary
William Medlock
Connie H. Mimms
? N. Montgomery
Abram R. Moore
Annie M. Moore
Clara Moore
Elizabeth Moore
James Moore

? Morgan
Emma Morgan
Nancy Morgan
Walter Morgan
Wm. R. Morgan
Chanie Morton
Dolph & Mollie Morton
Elizabeth Morton
Josie Morton
Mildred Morton
M. M. & Melvina Morton

Thomas Morton
Esquire Oaldham
Mary J. O'Bryan

Comodore P. Oldham
Henry Lucian Oldham
James M. C. Oldham
James Oldham
Sallie F. Oldham
Willim Oldham
Hallie Patton
Nan Penix
W. M. Penix

Henry Perkins
Infant Perkins
Lucy Perkins
Ray Perkins
Lawrence Peyton
W. E. Porter
Alice P'Pool
J. J. Prince
Willie D. Prince
• GTR [footstone]
• LFR [footstone]
Sardenia K. Rash

Charles Henry Roach
Claude E. Roach
Herman Roach
James Herman Roach
Myrtle Roach
J. A. B. & S. D.

Bessie Lee Scott
William? Scott
G. W. Shaw
Sarah A. Shaw
Sarah E. Shaw
Sarah F. Shaw
William F. Shaw
Leonard S. & Isabell Simpson
Ada Louise Sisk
Amos U. Sisk
Andrew Sisk
Barney Sisk
Barten N. Sisk
Cora Bell Sisk
Doc? Sisk
Elisha W. Sisk
E. W. & Christenia Sisk
Gabriel A. Sisk
Gabriel N. Sisk
George L. Sisk
Hezekiah Sisk
Infant daughter Sisk
James T. Sisk
Lewis C. Sisk
Mary Sisk
Mary Sisk
Melvina Sisk
(Son) Sisk
Nancy Sisk

N. I. Sisk
Rachel Sisk
Ruben H. Sisk
Thomas I. Sisk
William L. Sisk
Winfrey W. Sisk
? Sisk
Elmer Suthard
J. L. & Martha Suthard
• JPT [footstone]
Serana E. Tanner
• Agnes U. Todd
• Ashley K. Todd
Benjamin L. Todd

C. M. Todd
• Catie L. Todd
• Charles E. Todd
David E Todd
• Della B. Todd
Elizabeth Todd
Elizabeth G. Todd
J Todd
J O Todd
Laudy? S. Todd
• Maggie A. Todd
Margaurite Lea Todd
• Myrtle Todd
• N. Rebecca Todd
Oello Todd
• Omer C. Todd
• Orlean Garnett Todd
Orlean T. Todd
• Richard Todd
• Roxie Todd
• Samantha A. Todd
Solomon Todd
• William Dougles Todd
William Lee Todd
William L. Todd
• William McNealy Todd
• William T. Todd
Brodie Umsted

• All Vaughan
• Zelma Downs Vickers

Arthur Wade
Cordie Whitfield

F. L. Whitfield
(son) Williams
J. H. Williams
Naomi W. Williams
W. H. & Cora Williams
Ida B. Hamilton Willis
Clarence B. Woodis
Lula P. Woodis
Margrett A. Woodis
Oscar J. Woodis
Hosea Yarbrough
• David D. Young
• Demia Young
Iredel Young
• Jessy Young
Joseph Young
• Mattie J. Young
• Rachel Young
• Richard Young
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